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sweet girl 7 years ago
thats a wish of every girl :*
16:18 reminds me of 4 years ago
When i would sit on my stepdaddy’s hard on in the basement on top of an old mattress. He would slap my pierced tits while i jumped up and down on his big cock. He would grab my waist as a handle as he pummeled my teenage twat hard and deep. He beat my pussy up so nasty that I would squirt on him. I hollered yes daddy as he called repeatedly called me a nasty bitch. He busts across my nipples.
Mmmm 6 years ago
Man this bitch got a six pack
Humiliated Stepdaughter 3 years ago
My stepdaddy snuck into my bed in the middle of the night to dry hump my bubble butt. He thought I was asleep so he pushed his hard dick slowly into my teenage twat. He picked up the pace in my moist hole with quick and steady strokes. He was careful not to plow too hard while he dove in and out my warm cunt. I covered my mouth while he had his way. He grunted softly, leaving a creampie in my hairy snatch before leaving. It’s now a bad habit of his, every night.
Seth Dankenbring 6 years ago
I eat those
3 weeks ago
She would be super hot if it weren't for those stupid ass tattoos
Jbone 3 months ago
This is every white girls dream. Wish my wife would put on a show like this with 2 huge black pipes
Lol 7 years ago
Those guys are actually funny together lol, like I was laughing at some of it XD
Sweet girl 6 years ago
It is NOT. Wish of every girl lmfao...maybe ghetto whores....and why does this bitch sound like golem at times? Hahahaha
4 years ago
Got my cock hardddd now